There are various occupational hazards in agricultural farming and pasture management, so the hands must be protected. Abrasions, cuts and stab wounds are the most common injuries in farming and gardening, and handling various forms of vegetation can cause skin damage to the bare hands of workers. We have a wide range of farming gloves, from flexible nitrile coated gloves to warm leather work gloves. Their materials, styles and protection levels are varied.


You can purchase various types of agricultural gloves here to ensure the safety of users when working outdoors and in hazardous environments.

Choose farm work gloves according your needs


When purchasing agriculture hand gloves for workers on a farm, there are several aspects need to be considered: breathability, flexibility, abrasion resistance, slip resistance, durability, temperature environment, etc. If you are looking for breathable and flexible farming gloves, you can choose cotton string knit gloves. These gloves are light and wear-resistant, suitable for daily tasks of feeding and cleaning. For medium-duty jobs such as weeding, strimming and transporting wood, you can choose some synthetic rubber coated gloves (such as latex/nitrile coated gloves, PU coated gloves). These gloves have a certain degree of grip and can prevent objects from slipping off. It is also highly dexterous. If you are choosing work gloves for cold environments or using heavy tools, leather gloves for farm are a good choice.


FAQ of farm work gloves


l  Do farmers wear agricultural work gloves?

Work gloves are very important for farmers and gardeners who rely on their hands to work. Hand gloves for agriculture use can protect hands from cuts, abrasions, stab wounds, and some allergies caused by insects or plants.


l  What gloves do farmers use?

There are different farming gloves according to different work needs, such as nitrile chemical resistant gloves, foam-latex palm coated work gloves, leather work gloves, etc.

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