Wearing suitable chemical resistant work gloves at work can effectively protect hands from chemical spills, splashes and contact.

Different chemicals require different protective coatings. Therefore, we use nitrile, latex and other materials to make gloves for working with chemicals. Some chemical gloves can keep hands dry as much as possible, some gloves have additional gripping capabilities. If you have specific needs, please contact us directly.


For acid chemicals, such as nitric acid and sulfur peroxide, high-quality rubber gloves should be worn. Nitrile coated gloves are required when handling chlorinated solutions and contact with hydraulic oil, organic acid chemicals, etc.

Chemical resistant work gloves are widely used

From handling household disinfectants to handling irritating and dangerous liquids in the industry, chemical work glove can play its role. Specifically, it can be used in the following industries:

- Housework

- General cleaning

- Material handling

- Electronic product

- Meat and poultry processing

- Chemical processing

- Solvent washing

- Refining industry


FAQ of chemical resistant work gloves

l  Why should wear gloves for working with chemicals?

No matter how careful the workers are, chemicals may hurt hands, so it is necessary to wear gloves for working with chemicals. Good hand protection can help employees work more deeply without fear.


l  What style of chemical resistant gloves can you customize from us

We can provide chemical resistant gloves with different lengths, materials, thickness, weight and breathability


l  Which chemical work glove is best for you?

The gloves you need depend on the relevant chemicals. If 100% chemical resistance 

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