Our work gloves for cold conditions use advanced production technology, their knitted structure will not cause hand irritation, and the coated series can provide excellent grip and additional protection. Comfortable, versatile and economical, suitable for long-term wear.

Keeping hands warm is essential to work in a cold chain environment, because if the hands become too cold, productivity and efficiency will be affected. Cold is no less harmful to hands than high temperatures, and you need to wear relevant gloves to prevent frostbite and low temperature on your hands. Gloves for cold storage or working in a freezer can protect hands from cuts and abrasions, while insulating materials can keep hands warm.

Application of freezer/cold storge gloves

Our refrigerator work gloves are very suitable for walk-in freezers, refrigerated trucks, cold storage and generally sub-zero environments. Frozen food workers often need to carry food from the cold storage, and thick non-slip coated gloves are very useful. Freezer gloves with grip and cold resistance are not only ideal tools for working in the freezer, but also very helpful for many other applications in winter, such as shoveling snow in the driveway and unloading boxes from refrigerated trucks. Truck drivers and forklift operators can also choose this type of refrigerator work gloves to withstand the cold.


FAQ of freezer/cold storge gloves

l  How to keep hands warm while working in the cold storge/freezer?

If possible, it is recommended to put a pair of spare freezer work gloves outside and replace them when the fingers cannot tolerate the temperature. Because the warm air in the cold storage gloves at this time can better lock the temperature emitted by the hands.


l  What gloves can be used for dry ice?

Please wear protective, insulating latex/nitrile coated or leather gloves when handling dry ice.

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