In order to avoid skin problems caused by latex allergies, disposable nitrile gloves are currently the best latex gloves substitute for medical and industrial industries. Our hardy disposable nitrile gloves are resistant to oil and can be stored longer. It has high touch sensitivity, and can resist a variety of chemical substances.

We can customize disposable nitrile gloves with grip of various thicknesses and colors, please contact us according to your needs.

What are disposable nitrile gloves used for?

Disposable nitrile gloves are commonly used in medical procedures, dental inspections, food and catering, and light chemical exposure industries. These gloves help prevent cross-contamination in these industries.

Nitrile disposable exam gloves are most commonly found in the medical industry. In medical examination procedures, they can effectively block blood-borne pathogens to protect medical staff from the risk of infection. Disposable gloves are a must in any food service business. Our food safe disposable nitrile gloves provide your employees with durable hand coverings to ensure that food is kept clean and hygienic during preparation. Chemical resistant disposable nitrile gloves are also very suitable for use as chemical protective gloves for industrial chemical processing, warehouse handling and safety procedures.

Besides, tattooists, law enforcement officers, and firefighters all can use disposable nitrile gloves.


FAQ of disposable nitrile gloves

l  What is special about latex free nitrile disposable gloves?

Nitrile disposable gloves have better durability and chemical resistance. Therefore, these gloves are suitable for people who have been exposed to corrosive chemicals for a long time.

l  Why are disposable nitrile gloves blue?

At the beginning, the blue nitrile disposable gloves are to distinguish themselves from latex gloves. Of course, the color of the blue disposable nitrile gloves can be changed.

l  Is nitrile toxic?

Nitrile is non-toxic. This synthetic material will not decompose toxic ions after being dissolved in water.


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