Because of the need to handle delicate tasks, such as wiring and repairing circuits, electrical work gloves must fit snugly and have excellent grip. Dexterity is essential for handling small wires and cables. Generally speaking, latex work gloves and nitrile work gloves for electrical work are very suitable for providing insulation to prevent electric shock and other protection. They give consideration to flexibility and insulation.

Specific application of electrical work gloves

When handling electronic components, flexible electrician work gloves are required. Because in addition to proper insulation, the flexibility of gloves is very important, if insulated gloves for electrical work are bulky and stiff, it will reduce the efficiency of electricians. It can even cause such a consequence: the electrician refuses to wear the gloves, so an accident occurs.

When pulling wires or cables, electrician safety gloves with excellent grip and non-slip properties are also required. Sometimes the wire core may be exposed, disposable rubber gloves are not strong enough, and coated work gloves are a more cost-effective choice


FAQ of electrical work gloves

l  Can electrical work gloves prevent shock?

Yes, choosing insulated rubber gloves can well protect workers from electric shocks, especially those gloves specially made for electricians, which are designed to be shock-absorbing. As long as you choose the correct electrician work gloves, you can resist shock well.


l  Should electricians wear gloves?

Yes, they should. Work gloves are necessary to prevent scratches, abrasions and cuts. Especially the electrician industry is more dangerous. Electrician safety gloves can provide protection against electric shock and help workers handle wires and electrical appliances.


l  What gloves are good for electrical work?

Electricians usually wear three types of safety hand gloves for electrical work, each of which has a specific function: Rubber work gloves are used for insulation. Leather work gloves are used to prevent cuts and burns. Ordinary cotton string knit work gloves are used when working without electricity.

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