Looking for heat-resistant work gloves?


We offer types of heat-resistant gloves for sale. Coated, thickened, knitted, leather, etc.

The coated hot work glove has a layer of coating on the palm, which will reflect heat to the hand when working in a high-temperature furnace or molten metal. Knitted heat-resistant safety gloves are made of fibers, so they are breathable and fit. Leather hot resistant gloves have both heat resistance, flexibility and abrasion resistance. Fiberglass gloves can protect workers from handling high-temperature objects and working at extreme temperatures.

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Application of anti heat gloves


Thermal protective gloves can be used in various heat treatment occasions, such as convection heat, molten iron treatment, large and small splashes of molten metal, etc. When you want to choose the most suitable heat-resistant gloves, you need to know the heat resistance of the object to be applied. The use of heat-resistant gloves to protect hands from burns and heat will enable workers to keep their hands safe under the most demanding handling conditions.


We are proud of our advanced heat-resistant work glove technology. Whether you need double-thickness heat resistant gauntlet gloves or ordinary heat safe gloves, they can be customized.


If you want to know how to choose the most suitable heat retardant work gloves for yourself, please contact us and we will provide solutions according to your needs.


FAQ of heat-resistant safety work gloves

|  When should wear heat resistant gloves?

When your hands have the opportunity to touch hot objects that are enough to burn, you need to wear heat-resistant work gloves. From holding the bakeware to the casting iron, the hands need heat protection.

|  Do leather work gloves protect from heat?

Yes. Leather can resist certain sparks and moderate high temperatures. Wearing leather heat resistant gloves can also reduce some cuts and abrasions.

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