Even at home, some tasks require house work gloves, such as yard tidying and house cleaning. A pair of thick knitted heat-resistant gloves can be used for barbecue activities as well as garage repairs. Now people are more and more able to feel the convenience brought by tools, and find that wearing house work gloves can get twice the result with half the effort.

Reasons to use house work gloves


Yard work gloves

Weeding, moving stones, repairing fences. . . The work in the yard is always endless. Wearing suitable yardworks gloves can keep hands dry and clean. Our garden work gloves are available in different materials, suitable for different seasons and different tasks. For example, latex-coated work gloves can prevent stabs and cuts, and at the same time can effectively pull up weeds or safely grasp gardening tools.


BBQ gloves

From arranging coals to moving food around hot grills, hands are under threat of heat. A good pair of barbecue gloves is an important part of a barbecue activity. In addition, grease and soot are inevitable. Keeping hands clean is one of the reasons why many people wear heat-resistant gloves for BBQ grill .


Household cleaning gloves

Household cleaning gloves are very suitable for light cleaning, such as pot cleaning, window cleaning and bathroom cleaning. Because detergent contains some chemicals, many housewives will realize the importance of wearing gloves. The most commonly used are chemical-resistant disposable nitrile gloves, and some people also choose reusable nitrile-coated work gloves. The cuffs of the gloves can be customized, and the long cuffs can protect the hands, wrists and forearms at the same time.


FAQ of house work gloves

l  Why do people use BBQ heat gloves?

Barbecuing really produces a lot of oil. Compared with gloves of other colors, black barbecue cooking gloves can better hide grease, sauces and stains.


l  How long do yard work gloves last?

If used intermittently, the coated yard work gloves can be used for about 3 weeks. If used for a lot of heavy gardening work, gloves may soon need to be replaced.

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