Now more and more parents pay attention to the cultivation of children's practical ability, so children's work gloves are becoming more and more popular. Children’s hands need to be protected even more by wearing gloves during work. We have various styles of children work gloves. Children no longer need to wear large-size gloves. Purchase adult and kids work gloves together on this website!

Protect little hands with kid size work gloves

We provide kid size work gloves in a variety of materials, including cotton, knitted, rubber coated, and leather. These kids work gloves are specially designed for children and provide basic cut and abrasion protection. At the same time, they have good dexterity and meet safety standards.


What are the children doing with work gloves?

Yard work

The most tasks children do for their parents should be simple yard cleaning tasks, such as pulling out weeds. Wearing children work gloves can prevent the grass from scratching palms, and it can also prevent accidentally touching plants or bugs that cause allergies. Preventing dirt and bacteria is of course also an important function of work gloves for kids.


Work gloves can allow children to participate in tasks that cannot be completed with bare hands. In a garden environment, hands are easy to get wet, and using some tools such as a small shovel can also be troublesome. The palms of children's gardening gloves are coated with rubber, which can provide a lot of grip and enhance children's confidence.


Manual work is fun, but sharp tools may be required. Therefore, child work gloves with cutting-resistant function are very necessary. When using a knife, saw or carving, it can protect the children's fingers well.

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