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Why Touch Screen Gloves Can Easily Operate The Phone?

Jan. 08, 2019

The touch-screen mobile phones used by people are generally capacitive screens. The working principle of capacitive screens relies on the human body. The conductive function of the finger is completed.

China Work Gloves Manufacturer tell you the capacitive screen is a layer of transparent special metal conductive material on the surface of the glass. When the finger touches the metal layer, the capacitance of the contact changes, so that the frequency of the oscillator connected to it changes, and the position of the touch can be determined by measuring the frequency change. When the finger touches the capacitive screen, due to the human body electric field, the user's finger and the working surface form a coupling capacitor. Because the high-frequency signal is connected to the working surface, the finger absorbs a small current, which is from the four corners of the screen. The current flows out of the electrode, and the current flowing through the four electrodes is theoretically proportional to the distance from the finger to the four corners. The controller calculates the position by precise calculation of the ratio of the four currents.

The finger can be electrically conductive to complete the operation of the touch screen of the mobile phone. The Touch Screen Gloves acts as a bridge between the finger and the phone. The material on the fingertips of the touch screen gloves was first developed abroad. It is a mixture of iron powder, silver powder and other metal objects in the common fabric, which plays a conductive role, thus completing the operation of the touch screen mobile phone. Touch Screen Work Gloves with iron powder, silver powder and copper powder are generally cheaper and the process is not complicated. There is also a fabric called "conductive yarn" which is made by blending a certain proportion of stainless steel fiber or other conductive fiber with ordinary fiber.

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Touch Screen Gloves

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