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Can Rubber Gloves be Insulated?

Sep. 06, 2019

In many productions, the safety of production is the first priority. It is very necessary to wear protective equipment before production. In particular, some insulating gloves can avoid the electric shock of production personnel during the production process and ensure personal safety. Rubber gloves are such a kind of gloves that can protect users' safety. They are widely used in production and life today. So, can rubber gloves be insulated? Industrial Gloves Factory will explain to you.

The general requirements of Insulated Thermal Gloves are very high. The main purpose is to ensure the insulation of the user's hands and the charged body to prevent accidents from electric shock. Can rubber gloves be insulated? In fact, many types of rubber gloves have good insulation. These gloves should be in conformity with the relevant regulations in terms of appearance quality and size and have good mechanics. Performance and extremely high voltage withstand performance.

Insulated Thermal Gloves

Insulated Thermal Gloves

In general, Insulated Thermal Gloves can be divided into three categories: A, B, and C depending on the difference in voltage. It can be divided into latex insulated gloves and rubber insulated gloves depending on the raw materials used. Rubber insulated gloves are strictly required for length and thickness. They can be used as good protective equipment for voltages below one thousand volts. Once the voltage is higher than one kilovolt, they can only be used as an auxiliary. Direct contact with a bit of equipment.

Can rubber gloves be insulated? In rubber gloves, many types can be used for insulation. In the actual operation process, it is necessary to reasonably select the type of glove according to the details of the operation, and it is not possible to blindly select to prevent the threat to its own safety in production.

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