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How To Choose Heat Resistant Gloves Reasonably?

May. 31, 2019

At present, Heat Resistant Gloves is becoming more and more important in many industrial sectors. The most common one is the protection of the operator's hand in a high-temperature environment. As a China Work Gloves Manufacturer, we generally divide the high temperature into three types. Situation: High ambient temperature, high-temperature radiation, high-temperature contact.

1. Ambient temperature: This is equivalent to the temperature in the weather forecast. It is difficult to protect with protective equipment in daily life and industrial operations. Air conditioning is generally used to cool down. Basically not involved in hand protection.

2. Radiation high temperature: Heat that is not directly exposed to hot objects, such as the sun. In this case, the widely used protection method is reflective heat, such as using aluminum foil material to reflect most of the radiant heat.

3. Contact with high temperature: This is the high temperature that we generally mention, the temperature of many casting components, metal fittings and other objects in the industrial field. In industrial operation, personnel needs to move or touch the high-temperature parts. At this time, it is necessary to protect against high temperature.

Heat Resistant Gloves


Two factors that must be considered when choosing Heat Resistant Gloves are contact temperature + single contact time. These two factors are indispensable. The temperature of the contact object is to consider that the glove material of the contact surface of the glove and the high-temperature object does not reflect physically or chemically due to high temperature, for example, burning or carbonic after the ignition point, or oxidation after high temperature. The single contact time is the time to consider when the temperature reaches the inner layer of the glove from the outer surface of the glove and exceeds the temperature that the human hand can tolerate. If you are less than this time in a single contact, it is within a safe time frame. In general industry, it refers to the contact temperature. To judge the performance of a high-temperature resistant glove, it is generally divided into contact temperature and contact time. Only when these two conditions are determined at the same time can the applicable high-temperature resistant gloves be confirmed. For example, 500-degree gloves Then, confirm that your single contact time is up to 12 seconds. The temperature of the glove may reach 500 degrees within 12 seconds, but after 12 seconds, the glove may only be able to withstand 350 degrees. The temperature resistance of Heat Resistant Gloves is based on Changed by the time of contact with hot objects.

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