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How to choose Work Protective Gloves?

Sep. 16, 2019

  In all types of work-related accidents, the proportion of injuries to the hands is the highest. To avoid hand injuries, select the appropriate protective gloves. In recent years, China Work Gloves Manufacturer has developed rapidly, and the protective functions of anti-cutting gloves, wear-resistant gloves, high-temperature gloves and anti-static gloves produced by new materials are constantly improving. The hand is an important part of the human body and the most important "tool" for people to engage in various production activities. In a certain sense, it can be said that human hands have created the world. However, due to various reasons, people did not seriously protect their hands during production activities, resulting in the highest proportion of hand injuries in various types of work-related accidents. According to the Occupational Health and Safety Encyclopedia (published in March 2000), injuries to the hands and arms accounted for about 25% of the total number of industrial accident injuries, while the statistics of the relevant US agencies were 40%. Although hand injuries do not endanger people's lives, they bring great pain to the employees. Many people suffer a lifelong disability, lose their labor and life ability, and bring great inconvenience and pain to their lives. Therefore, the protection of the opponent's arm and arm is an important part of labor protection and should be highly valued. The method of preventing hand injury is mainly to wear different hand protections for different injury factors in the production process. Hand protectors include protective gloves and protective sleeves to protect the hands, forearms, and arms from injury.

How to choose work protective gloves?

 PU Coated Safety Work Gloves 

There are many types of protective gloves, according to the protective function, there are general protective gloves, waterproof gloves, cold gloves, electric gloves, anti-virus gloves, anti-microbial gloves, oil-resistant gloves, acid-resistant (alkali) gloves, Insulated Thermal Gloves, cut-resistant gloves, Anti-mechanical injury gloves, anti-needle gloves, anti-vibration gloves, welding gloves, anti-static gloves, anti-X-ray gloves, anti-microwave gloves, fire-retardant gloves, etc. According to the material used, the protective gloves can be divided into yarn gloves, cloth gloves, leather gloves, PVC gloves, latex gloves, nitrile rubber gloves, aramid gloves and high-strength polyethylene gloves. Among them, acid-resistant (alkali) gloves live working insulation gloves, oil-resistant gloves, etc. are listed in China's special labor protection products and the quality standards are supervised and managed. Below I will introduce several types of gloves:

  1. New protective gloves are widely used in electronic product processing, cable processing, automobile production, and maintenance, food processing, mining, oil exploration, oil refining, metal smelting, glass processing, construction, logging, animal husbandry, fire fighting, emergency rescue, etc. The industry plays a protective role for employees in labor. The protective gloves produced by the company are designed according to the requirements of human ergonomics. They are comfortable to wear and flexible in operation, and the protective functions of the products are outstanding, which fully reflects the principles of human care and practicality.

  2. PU Coated Safety Work Gloves is also known as PU rubber gloves or PU stickers and palm gloves. Divided into two types according to performance: normal type, anti-static type. Gloves completely cover the palm of the hand with specially treated polyurethane, providing good anti-slip properties and preventing hand sweat and particulate contamination on the palm of the human hand.

  3. Chemical-resistant gloves are mainly made of materials such as nitrile or neoprene. Because nitrile and chloroprene have excellent acid, alkali and oil resistance, they are protected by this material. Gloves also have the same characteristics.

  4. The rescue gloves are equipped with a power switch and a waterproof LED light on the back of the hand. Highly reflective materials are provided at the relevant parts of the palm to avoid the danger of being too dark when working in a dark environment.

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