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Cleaning Care for Insulated Thermal Gloves

Aug. 02, 2019

As a China Work Gloves Manufacturer, let's share with you the cleaning of Insulated Thermal Gloves.

Clean and dry: When the gloves get dirty, rinse with soap and water at a temperature not exceeding 65 degrees Celsius, then dry thoroughly and apply talcum powder. If it is found to be still contaminated with a mixture such as tar or paint after washing, immediately clean the area with a cleaning agent (but the cleaning agent should not be too much) and then rinse off immediately and dispose of it as described above.

Insulated Thermal Gloves

The above is about the related knowledge about insulated gloves cleaning care for friends. Each protective glove material has different characteristics and has a corresponding use depending on the type of object that is in contact with the glove. Insulated Thermal Gloves is an important part of personal protective equipment, and the development of the power industry and the promotion of technologies related to living working have placed stricter requirements on the safety of Insulated Thermal Gloves.

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