Coated work gloves are versatile

Oct. 21, 2021

Coated work gloves are really a versatile product, which can be seen from the home to the industrial industry. The palm and finger parts of coated work gloves are generally coated, so they can provide a high level of protection and grip. At the same time, the fabric on the back of the hand ensures breathability, allowing your hands to breathe fully and keep comfortable. If you have not used coated work gloves and hesitate to choose them, you can read this article to see if coated work gloves are suitable for you.


1. Maintain a strong grip in slippery tasks


Some jobs require frequent contact with oil, solvent, grease and other materials, and those string knitted gloves will become dirty and just can be used once like disposable gloves. At this time, you should choose palm-coated work gloves! This glove allows you to hold tools or other equipment for a long time in a slippery environment to help you complete tasks more easily. Whether it is wet, oily or dry, the coating produces a micro-suction effect.


2. To refuse to be punctured


If your working environment requires contact with wood chips or other finely divided materials, then coated work gloves are the product you need. For example, sawdust, rough branches, and pointed assembly parts can also cause accidental injuries to hands and fingers. String knitted gloves are not puncture-resistant at all, disposable nitrile gloves are too thin and leather gloves are too bulky. In contrast, coated work gloves are a better choice.


3. The pursuit of flexibility


Many tasks need to handle smaller items, or some tasks require more sophisticated operations, such as electromechanical control, assembly lines, and car repairs. Coated work gloves are a better solution at this time. It will not reduce your work efficiency while maintaining dexterity, allowing you to flexibly switch between tasks efficiently without losing any flexibility or protection. You can also customize the touch screen function to meet more types of work tasks.


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