Do you have this question: Are nitrile gloves latex-free?

Oct. 12, 2021

With more and more gloves made of different materials, consumers will have more questions while they have more choices. "Are nitrile gloves latex-free?" This is a common question asked by many glove consumers. After all, a large number of people are allergic to latex.


So, let me tell you the answer: yes, nitrile does not contain latex.

Do you have this question: Are nitrile gloves latex-free?


Although nitrile has the nickname "synthetic latex", they are not the same. Nitrile rubber has a structure and function similar to latex, and the nitrile material does not contain any protein compounds found in latex (proteins that cause latex allergy), so it is an excellent latex substitute.


Nitriles are becoming more and more popular. Since the first introduction of nitrile gloves, consumers have been buying this latex-free option because it can significantly reduce allergic reactions compared to latex gloves. The more mature the development of nitrile products, the more consumers realize that these latex-free gloves provide equal or better protection against punctures and chemicals, as well as a high level of durability.


Nitrile gloves have one of the FDA's highest puncture resistance grades, so they are considered medical grade. These latex-free gloves are durable, and chemicals, oils or other substances will not penetrate the skin through the gloves.


Let your suspicions be confirmed: Nitrile gloves are actually latex-free! If you need it, you can click to view our high-quality nitrile gloves!

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