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How Do Touch Screen Gloves Work?

Nov. 18, 2019

Industrial glove suppliers tell you how to touch screen gloves work.

First of all, to know how touch-screen gloves work, you need to know how the touch screen works. The touch screens on mobile phones and tablets are basically capacitive screens, which work based on the induced current of the human body. The capacitive screen is a four-layer composite glass screen coated with a layer of chemically coated ITO on the innermost side of the screen and on the middle interlayer, with a thin layer of siliceous glass as the protective layer on the outermost layer. And those ITO coatings are the important working faces of the entire capacitive screen. They draw four electrodes from the four corners of the screen to ensure a good working environment for the shielding layer.

Latex Coated Gloves

However, when we touch the capacitive screen with our finger, coupling capacitance will be formed between the finger and ITO working face due to the action of the electric field in the human body. On the working surface, a small current is absorbed by the finger due to the high-frequency signal. The current flows from the four corners on the screen respectively, and the magnitude of the current flowing through the four corners is proportional to the distance between the finger and the four corners. After the precise calculation of the mobile phone, the specific position of the finger touch can be obtained. To put it more bluntly, a finger touching the screen generates an induced current that makes the capacitive screen work.

The reason why ordinary gloves can't make the screen work is that the ordinary gloves are made of thick insulating material so that when the finger touches the screen, the distance between the finger and the ITO coating is too far apart to form a capacitor. It causes the screen to not work. In the case of touch-screen gloves, it uses conductive materials (such as metal-containing fabric fibers) in the fingers, so that there is still a good amount of capacitance between the fingertips and the screen so that both charge and current can be transferred and the screen can work properly.

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