How to distinguish between recycled cotton and raw cotton gloves?

Oct. 27, 2021

At present, there are two main materials for cotton yarn gloves, one is recycled cotton yarn and the other is raw cotton yarn. Recycled cotton yarn is cheaper than raw cotton yarn. Therefore, gloves made of recycled cotton yarn are cheaper, while gloves made of raw cotton yarn are more expensive and have better quality. But how to distinguish between recycled cotton gloves and raw cotton gloves? There are two key points here.

1. From the appearance of the gloves: Recycled cotton yarn gloves, its colors include natural white, bleached white, and other colors. Among them, bleached white string knitted gloves are more expensive than natural white gloves because they require an additional step of processing.

The color of raw cotton gloves is generally white and original white. The original white gloves are more expensive than the bleached white gloves, because the original white is pure cotton and the bleached white is polyester cotton yarn. After all, the higher the cotton content, the higher the price of the yarn.

2. From the perspective of glove knitting: you can pay attention to how many strands the glove is knitted. Turn the gloves over, find a thread, count the number of knitting yarns, if it is 2-4 yarns, they are all recycled cotton yarn raw materials gloves. If it is more than 6 strands, there are two situations: one is 21 yarn spinning gloves, the other is 21 cotton yarn ring spinning. Generally speaking, the more strands, the better the glove.

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