How to reduce the cost of working gloves

Sep. 27, 2021

Don't get me wrong when you see this title. I don't suggest buying cheap work gloves, but to reasonably extend the service life of work gloves. The cost of work gloves is definitely one of the production costs. If you can reduce this part of the purchase, you can save some costs. Especially if you are an employer and provide work gloves for your employees, you definitely need to pursue a more economical solution. I'm here to provide some practical tips to help you be more cost-effective when buying work gloves, while still providing adequate protection for your workers.

Choose the work gloves you really need for your current task

The latest and greatest gloves on the market are generally more expensive and may not be suitable for you. We encourage you to honestly evaluate the risks associated with the task and then buy gloves with adequate protection. You know, there are some extra features that you may not need.


Choose work gloves with the right material

Now work gloves can be made of synthetic knitting yarn, which is very durable and much cheaper than leather. In fact, you may prefer synthetic knitted fabrics because they are more comfortable, more breathable, and provide strength while maintaining dexterity. If your budget is limited, you might as well buy such work gloves.


Clarify the management of work gloves

In order to avoid excessive use of gloves or the situation where employees lose or damage gloves at will, you can formulate a policy that allows employees to replace worn work gloves with new ones, and record them. In this way, you can also know the use of work gloves well, so as to determine the different types of gloves required for different time periods or work tasks.


Regular cleaning

Most work gloves can be cleaned regularly. By cleaning the gloves regularly, you will be able to extend their lifespan, thereby saving the cost of buying gloves.


Plan, test, buy

Let your employees participate in trials of different gloves. Choosing the right gloves can avoid waste (There is a situation where you buy work gloves you don’t need and you can only stock up on them).

If you need to buy work gloves, you can contact us and we will help you as much as possible!

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