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The Importance Of Equipped With Heat Resistant Gloves

Apr. 08, 2019

As a Safety Work Gloves Factory, let's talk about the importance of having Heat Resistant Gloves. Workers working in high-temperature environments, such as electric welders and furnace workers, are people with high incidence of burns, and the hand is also the most vulnerable to burns. However, the use of ordinary labor-protecting gloves instead of Heat Resistant Gloves is more common. This not only affects the work efficiency of workers, but also has high safety hazards. The lack of workers' awareness of labor protection is also an important cause of high-temperature burns.

Compared to traditional protective gloves, Heat Resistant Gloves is more expensive than traditional protective gloves and welding gloves, but in extremely high temperature environments, Heat Resistant Gloves may last 10 times longer than ordinary protective gloves. The use of high temperature environment above 200 degrees may require frequent replacement, although the average labor insurance gloves are lower in unit price, but the usage is larger. Heat Resistant Gloves also has the characteristics of wear-resisting, anti-cutting and anti-puncture. Heat Resistant Gloves not only has a long service life, but also can greatly improve the working efficiency of workers. Wearing Heat Resistant Gloves does not need to change the damaged gloves. Don't worry about getting hot objects too long and the temperature of the gloves rises and burns your hands.

It can be seen that it is very necessary to equip workers with high temperature jobs with high-temperature labor protection products such as Heat Resistant Gloves, which not only can effectively prevent the occurrence of burn accidents, but also effectively improve production efficiency and indirectly reduce production costs.

Heat Resistant Gloves

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