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Introduction And Use Of Cotton Yarn Gloves

Dec. 12, 2019

Cotton working gloves are widely used in the market because of the characteristics of material structure, convenient use, very economical, and environmental protection. In daily life and workshops in most factories, cotton working gloves can be said to be an essential protective tool to prevent injury to the skin of the hands has also greatly improved work efficiency for people. Work gloves manufacturer shares with you.

First, the price is fixed by color: there are currently 3 colors of recycled cotton yarn, which are natural white (similar to white paint wall aging color), bleached color, and colored yarn. The raw cotton yarns used in gloves are polyester cotton yarns and pure cotton yarns. Because polyester-cotton yarns contain chemical fibers, the color of the yarn is usually white. The more chemical fibers the yarn contains, the whiter the yarn is. Pure cotton yarn (100% cotton) is usually white on gloves.

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Second, the density determines the price. Currently, there are generally 7- and 10-pin sales on the market. The price of the 10-pin is higher than that of 7-pin. Due to the production efficiency of 10-pin is lower than that of 7-pin, the price is relatively high. However, they are generally ignored in transactions.

Third, the amount of cotton fixed price: the higher the cotton yarn gloves contain cotton, the higher the price of gloves. At present, 100% cotton gloves are usually used for hand protection at low temperatures and hot hand and antistatic work.

According to people's familiarity, cotton work gloves are a kind of gloves woven by hand using high-quality cotton fiber step material. Because the production cost of cotton work gloves is relatively low, it is relatively economical to use other labor protection gloves. However, cotton work gloves are highly applicable and have good air permeability, stretchability, environmental protection, and abrasion resistance. Cotton work gloves are also better. Suitable for use in all seasons, it is very popular, and it has become the most demanded and widely used labor protection gloves in the market. Such as construction site, handling, electroplating workshop, metal stamping, maintenance, machinery manufacturing, glass processing, chemical construction, laboratory, airport, gas station, oil smelting fishery, plastic factory, chemical plant, steel manufacturing, shipyard, electronics factory, Packaging products factory, printing company, power engineering, machinery manufacturing, restaurant canteen, and other working environments, cotton working gloves are the best and economical choice.

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