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Which Materials Are Better For Labor Protection Gloves?

Nov. 26, 2019

There are many types of gloves, such as windproof gloves, warm gloves, labor protection gloves and so on, and labor protection gloves are gloves that protect their hands from injury in labor, generally speaking, they are thicker than other gloves, so what kind of materials are better for labor protection gloves? How to choose and use labor insurance gloves correctly? Work gloves manufacturer introduce to you.

Heat Resistant Gloves

1. First layer leather gloves

Come from the skin part of the leather, do not need any mechanical processing and dressing, have operation dexterous, comfortable, hold fast the advantage such as performance accurate, suit the handling of medium and small object or operation.

2. Second layer leather gloves

It comes from the inner layer of leather and is obtained by removing the outer layer. It has abrasion resistance and is suitable for dry heavy physical labor. It is suitable for sharp objects, cutting work, slippery objects, and installation and handling of welding products.

3. Cow Leather gloves

Most protective gloves use the cow's first skin (scraped from the ribs) or the cow's second skin (the cow's back), which has the advantages of softness, dexterity, wear resistance, tear resistance, puncture resistance and heat resistance.

4. Goat leather gloves

It belongs to a single leather layer, which is lighter than cowhide and has the same advantages as cowhide. Its thickness is more suitable for making mechanical resistance gloves and has better contact effect.

5. Pig grain gloves

Most of the pig's first and second skin is used in Asian countries. They have poor mechanical resistance and are not very dexterous after Tanning. Therefore, they are used as gloves for simple isolation effect, but the price is low.

6. Lambskin gloves

Abrasion resistance and tear resistance are poor, so it is generally used for making ordinary gloves, and the thinner and more flexible and comfortable it is.

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