Material types of leather work gloves

Nov. 11, 2021

Pigskin leather work gloves

The high level of abrasion resistance and puncture resistance of pigskin leather work gloves makes it stand out among a kind of leather gloves. Pigskin is arguably the most durable leather. Pigskin work gloves may also be relatively more comfortable work gloves, because pigskin is naturally soft and porous, providing warmth protection in cold weather.

Pigskin leather has unique moisture resistance and water resistance. It can remain flexible after repeated exposure to moisture and will not easily crack. All these incredibly excellent functions combine to make pigskin leather gloves a universal work glove that can be used in almost any industry.


Cowhide work gloves

Compared with other types of leather gloves, cowhide work gloves are the easiest to buy, which means that it is by far the most economical choice. Cowhide can provide a very high level of dexterity, abrasion resistance, puncture resistance, and durability, as well as strong warmth retention. The disadvantage is that this leather has limited air permeability.

Another feature that needs attention is that if the cowhide is often exposed to water and moisture, it is easy to dry and harden, then loses its flexibility. Cowhide work gloves can be used for general tasks in the industry, such as packaging, landscaping, construction and automotive industries.


Deerskin leather work gloves

The biggest advantage of deerskin leather is its incredible softness and excellent dexterity. After wearing the deerskin work gloves for a period of time, you can obviously feel your hands fit better, thus feeling higher comfort and tactile sensitivity. The disadvantage is that after a long period of wear, deerskin work gloves tend to be deformed. Deerskins have the worst durability and puncture resistance and cannot provide good cold weather protection, so they are not suitable for use in cold conditions. Deerskin work gloves are most suitable for welding applications or other occasions that require heat resistance and dexterity.


Goatskin work gloves

Goatskin is similar to deerskin. It is very soft and flexible, but not very durable. Goatskin work gloves can remain flexible and dexterous after being exposed to water and other moisture, and have high air permeability. The combination of dexterity and puncture resistance makes goatskin work gloves ideal for applications that are not exposed to temperature changes and do not require heavy wear.

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