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Classification And Correct Selection of Work Gloves 2

Nov. 13, 2019

Protection gloves protect our hands better when we are working, so be careful when choosing and using them. Safety gloves manufacturer teaches you the correct use of industrial gloves.

1. Anti-vibration gloves

Personal protective equipment for contact with vibration, such as in the forestry, mining, construction, transportation and other departments with hand-held vibration tools (such as chainsaws, rock drills, etc.) to prevent vibrating occupational diseases "white finger disease" caused by vibration.

2. Heat resistant gloves

The traditional heat resistant gloves are made of asbestos material, which is divided into two fingers and five fingers. There are three sizes: large, medium and small. Because asbestos fibers are irritating to human skin, they are rarely used. Nowadays, fire-retardant canvas or other fire-retardant fabrics are generally used to make fire-retardant gloves, which are suitable for use in smelting furnaces or other furnaces.

Stainless Steel Mesh Gloves

3. Anti-static gloves

A woven fabric composition containing conductive fibers. The other is a long-fiber elastic acrylic woven glove, and then the polyurethane resin is applied to the palm portion, or the polyurethane resin is applied to the fingertip portion or the surface of the glove is coated with polyethylene.

Gloves containing conductive fibers quickly dissipate static electricity that collects on the hands. Gloves with polyurethane or polyethylene coatings are primarily resistant to dust and static electricity. These products are mainly used for the assembly of weak currents, precision instruments, product inspection, electronics industry, printing, inspection work of various research institutions.

4. Fire gloves

Fire gloves mainly for firemen in the fire ground operations, for protection against fire, heat, water, general chemical and mechanical damage, it is five fingers separate type, four-layer structure, divided into flame retardant layer, waterproof breathable layer, insulating layer, comfortable (except the glove body, the sleeve is allowed), has strong heat resistant, flame retardant, waterproof, dexterity, clenched, cutting resistance, resistance to perforation, also have a certain comfort.

In addition to all kinds of labor protection gloves mentioned above, there are also low-temperature resistant gloves, cut-resistant gloves, stainless steel mesh gloves and so on. For example, low-temperature resistant gloves are used in the low-temperature environment. The steel glove is a kind of anti-cutting glove. It is a kind of metal glove, which is made of numerous small stainless steel rings welded together.


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