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The Importance Of Hand Protection 1

Apr. 28, 2019

The hand is one of the most vulnerable parts of the human body. In all accidents, the hand damage is about one quarter. In general, hand injuries are not life-threatening, but can lead to lifelong disability and loss of labor and life. Therefore, the protection of hands is a very important part of occupational safety. As a Kevlar Gloves Manufacturer, let's talk about the importance of hand protection.

Hand injuries can be classified as physical damage, chemical damage, mechanical damage, and biological damage. Among them, mechanical injuries are the most common. The mechanical damage of the hand is divided into closed and open. The former can affect bones, joints and tendons, and sometimes it affects the nerves; the latter is more serious, it will cause a lot of bleeding and affect other parts, and it is more complicated in treatment. The degree of hand injury varies widely, depending on the cause of the injury and the process. The most common jobs are cuts and stabs. Mild cuts only damage the skin tissue, severely can damage other tissues, and even cause partial or complete limb fracture; stab wounds are more serious due to the presence of foreign matter in the wound. The healing of open hand injuries is closely related to the degree of soiling of the hand during injury. In general, damage to chemical plants, slaughterhouses, meat processing plants, and leather goods factories can easily lead to infections with other complications.

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