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What Is The Principle Of Touch Screen Work Gloves

Dec. 29, 2018

As the winter weather gets colder, many friends who are outdoors feel that it is very inconvenient to use the mobile phone. It is necessary to remove the gloves in order to use the mobile phone normally. Many friends started to choose Touch Screen Work Gloves, but what is the principle of touch screen gloves? How to choose touch screen gloves? Is the touch screen glove useful? Many friends are not too familiar with it. Today, professional manufacturers will learn about it with everyone.

First of all, if you want to know how Touch Screen Gloves work, you need to know how the touch screen works. The touch screens on mobile phones and tablets are basically capacitive screens, which work based on the induced current of the human body. The capacitive screen is a four-layer composite glass screen coated with a layer of chemically coated ITO on the innermost side of the screen and on the middle interlayer, and a thin layer of alumina glass as a protective layer on the outermost layer. And those ITO coatings are the important working faces of the entire capacitive screen. They draw four electrodes from the four corners of the screen to ensure a good working environment for the shielding layer.

If you want to know the more details of else Work Gloves, you can call us at any time.

Touch Screen Work Gloves

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