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How to Use Heat Resistant Gloves?

Aug. 10, 2019

Heat Resistant Gloves Manufacturer is here today to share with you how to use Heat Resistant Gloves.

1. First, determine the environment in which the insulated gloves are used and the problem of contact with hot objects. For example, in a high-temperature radiation environment, gloves (aluminum foil insulation gloves) that reflect heat radiation should be selected, and dust-free insulation gloves should be used for the cleanroom.

2. Carefully check the specifications of the insulated gloves and the temperature resistance range of the insulated gloves to meet your needs.

3. Before use, carefully check whether the surface of the insulated gloves is intact, and check whether the inner layer of insulation is misaligned or thinned.

4. When using Heat Resistant Gloves, you should first touch the hot object in a moment, and feel the insulation layer of the insulated gloves can be effectively insulated by hand. After many tests, observe whether the surface is burning or damaged.

BBQ Gloves

BBQ Gloves

5. After the long-term use of the insulated gloves, the thermal insulation performance of the inner insulation layer may be reduced. At this time, in order to ensure safety, the time of contact with high temperature should be adjusted.

6. After using the insulated gloves, they should be placed in a clean and ventilated environment to prevent the gloves from being affected by the moisture. The aramid insulated gloves should avoid exposure to sunlight, otherwise, the color of the gloves will change, but it will not affect the use.

7. For dirty BBQ Gloves, you should check the instructions for use. If it can be cleaned, replace the new insulated gloves with non-cleanable ones. Damaged insulated gloves should be stopped immediately, otherwise, it will cause harm to the operator; dust-free and heat-insulating gloves will reduce the dust-free effect and should be replaced immediately.

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