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Why Are They Called Labor Gloves?

Dec. 05, 2019

The origin of labor protection gloves is very long, in recent years with the development of science and technology, more and more different materials, different technology of labor protection gloves into the line of sight of consumers, playing more and more important functions. Today, Safety Gloves Manufacturer makes up to talk about the difference between labor protection gloves and ordinary gloves.

PU Dipped Gloves

In fact, labor protection gloves are different from other ordinary gloves. Because the protective characteristics are very important to it, we must pay attention to the following aspects when purchasing and using:

1. We should choose suitable gloves according to the size of our hands: we can't choose too small gloves, because if we choose gloves smaller than our hands, when we wear them, we will feel that the hands are very tight, and at the same time, it's not conducive to the blood circulation of our hands; but we can't choose too large gloves, if the gloves are too large, then we will work I feel quite inflexible, and the gloves are very easy to fall off my hands.

2. We should choose suitable gloves according to the different working environment. Different gloves are different to choose the right one. Different gloves have different protective functions. Only according to the special circumstances that you will encounter in your working environment, can you choose them without unnecessary danger.

3. No matter what kind of glove you use, you should check it in detail. Once it is found that it is damaged, you should replace it immediately.

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