Nitrile-coated work gloves do not contain any latex protein. They are designed to protect hands when workers use harsh chemicals or sharp materials. Synthetic nitrile work gloves are more resistant to chemicals than PVC or latex gloves. The glove also can resist scratches and abrasions, its puncture resistance is three times that of rubber. Our nitrile coated gloves can also have other functions, such as insulation and texture style selection. If you need customization, we can provide you with solutions

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The application of nitrile-coated work gloves

Nitrile coated gloves are very suitable for construction, automobiles, box handling and other fields. Although this synthetic material lacks the excellent stretchability and grip of natural rubber, its strength is highly praised. Nitrile dipped work gloves have good oil resistance, so they are ideal for metal stamping or processing small oily parts.


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FAQ of nitrile-coated work gloves

l  Are nitrile work gloves safe?

Nitrile work gloves are commonly used as a substitute for latex work gloves. Because some people are allergic to latex, they need to switch to nitrile coated gloves. The appearance and touch of these nitrile grip work gloves are similar to latex, slightly thicker than the latex one, but they have stronger cut resistance.


l  Are nitrile dipped work gloves waterproof?

Yes. Textured nitrile coating on fingers and palms provides good grip and water resistance


l  Are nitrile palm coated gloves washable?

Yes. It is recommended to use mild washing powder or soap, do not use bleach or solvents, because these oxidants will cause discoloration. We recommend that you air-dry the nitrile coated hand gloves to prevent the material from shrinking.

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