Our double interlocking stainless steel mesh gloves are welded by corrosion-resistant stainless steel rings (micro-plasma welding technology), so the mesh safety gloves have a stronger, smoother, better sealing ring connection, and no gaps or weak points. And on this surface, food residues or bacteria are not easy to remain. No gap also means longer wear life and lower risk of contamination. The mesh cut resistant gloves are hygienic and easy to sterilize, and can resist oil and grease during processing, and only need to be washed with hot water and soap.


These ergonomic stainless steel hand gloves provide excellent cut and puncture protection. Speaking of this, we have to mention that this glove takes into account flexibility and durability. A metal mesh cutting glove can be worn on both hands, which can greatly reduce the trouble caused by unexpected quantity.

Use of stainless steel mesh gloves

If the knife slips off when handling food, it can protect hands and fingers to the greatest extent to reduce accidents. stainless steel cut resistant gloves are ideal for the food service industry. Metal mesh gloves for cutting are non-corrosive and have a high melting point, so they’re also very suitable for use in humid, high-temperature applications. The typical industries of chain mesh protective gloves are: food preparation, sharps handling, and other heavy duty kitchen tasks.


FAQ of stainless steel metal mesh gloves

l  What else can metal mesh gloves be used for?

In addition to food processing, stainless steel meat cutting resistant gloves can be used in other industries that require the use of hand knives or blades. Such as textile cutting and sheet metal industry.


l  Are metal mesh gloves considered PPE?

As the stainless steel mesh gloves have a certain degree of airtightness, they can also be used as PPE gloves

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