Warehouse/grocery store work often requires manual handling, including picking, packaging, loading and unloading, and operating machinery, all of which can cause scratches, cuts and more serious injuries. Therefore, workers need work gloves for warehouse to ensure different levels of hand protection. According to different directions of use, there are many choices of safety gloves, including cotton string knit gloves, palm-coated work gloves, warm work gloves or leather work gloves.

How to choose good gloves for warehouse work?


Many warehouse workers need to use knives to handle packages, so cut-resistant gloves are needed. Sometimes warehouses need to move materials, organize inventory, assemble and move cardboard or boxes. At this time, workers need a pair of durable coated grip gloves. These hand gloves for factory workers have both grip and dexterity and can help workers complete their work more efficiently. If the employee is working in a cold storage, then warehouse freezer gloves are indispensable. Choose leather work gloves for better warmth.


Use work gloves to ensure that hands are protected from warehouse injuries. Our range of warehouse safety gloves includes durable, abrasion-resistant, cut-resistant, tear-resistant and puncture-resistant gloves. No matter which style you need, you will definitely find the right type here, we provide customized services.


FAQ of warehouse work gloves


l  How to protect hands when working with cardboard and boxes?

There are many hazards in the process of parcel handling, such as scratches, abrasions and allergies. It is best to wear suitable gloves for working with boxes to protect hands.


l  What kind of gloves do package handlers use?

Latex or nitrile coated gloves can be chosen, they have excellent abrasion resistance and good grip, light and flexible. The price is low, and each pair of gloves has a long service life.

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