Women need to protect their hands even more at work. But sometimes it is not easy for them to find work gloves that really fit. We have women's size work gloves to meet the needs of women with small hands. These gloves come in a variety of styles and materials, including cotton, coating, leather and knit. You know, ladies will also have some requirements about colors. We can make women safety gloves in pink, white, black and so on.

The gloves are designed with a seamless weave to increase comfort and breathability, while also providing the same durable protection as men's work gloves. If you have special needs, we can offer female safety gloves with almost all functions you can think of: wear resistance, grip, cut resistance, insulation, and warmth. . .

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Application of women's work gloves

Whether used in gardening or construction, a pair of palm-reinforced women’s safety gloves can usually solve the problem.

You can choose general-purpose gloves for garden work, or you can choose grip gloves for operating power tools. Most our female work gloves contain coatings, which provide good grip and safety.

Whether it's spending a day gardening or painting a new layer of paint on the shed, our multi-functional women's work gloves can do the job well. From hauling hay to feeding livestock, these gloves are also suitable for every light task on the farm.

In the severe winter, women's waterproof winter work glove is an indispensable choice.


FAQ of women's work gloves

l  Why wear women's work gloves?

Hands are very magical tools, so it is fair to do everything possible to protect them from harm, especially for women. Wearing women’s safety gloves is the most economical way


l  Can male workers choose women's work gloves?

Of course, this is not a shameful thing. Choosing the right size of work gloves is more important, and ladies work gloves can also provide the same hand protection.


l  What kinds of women's work gloves can you provide?

If you have requirements, you can contact us for customization. Our existing women's work gloves include: women’s leather work gloves, women's waterproof work gloves, women's insulated work gloves, women's winter warm work gloves, women’s mechanic gloves, women's work garden gloves, women's box handler gloves, women's heavy duty work gloves, etc.

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