Made of breathable fabric, these finger tips cots are as soft, comfortable and breathable as a crib. They are comfortable to wear, and are not as restrictive and troublesome compared to full-hand gloves. The textured surface of the finger cots provides firm grip even in wet conditions and when handling slippery objects.

Finger gloves can also be used to temporarily keep dust and moisture away from blisters, cuts and abrasions on the fingertips and help prevent infection. Compared to disposable finger cots, reusable finger cots are more breathable for wounds.

What can finger cots be used for?

Working finger cots are very suitable for assembly line, construction, gardening, sculpture, DIY work and so on. Need to use fingers every day? Does the finger need to be strained for a long time? Working finger cots are a good solution.

We offer cotton fabric finger cots and silver fiber finger cots, which are suitable for different working occasions: pure cotton finger cots are suitable for the electronic assembly industry, because the finger stall can prevent fingerprints and other substances from sticking to the parts; silver fiber fingers cots are more suitable for special industries that require sensitivity, such as photonics and laboratories.

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FAQ of finger tips cots

l  Can finger tips cots only be used in the workplace?

Finger tips cots, in addition to being used in production, are also very practical in life. Such as playing games with finger cots, or just protecting injured fingers

l  Why wear finger tips cots?

Finger tips cots are used in many workplaces and are mainly used to protect objects that may be damaged by skin oils, particles or dirt on the hands.


Our finger cots are available in various sizes to fit perfectly and can be purchased in bulk. Contact us & purchase now, protect your fingertips and expensive equipment.

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