Frostbite is one of the biggest threats workers face in winter. Hands and fingers are very likely to be injured within five minutes of freezing temperatures. Therefore, cold hands are typical personal repetitions in winter, so many people wear warm winter work gloves throughout the winter.

The weight and protective design of the gloves in winter will determine how it keeps your hands warm. In addition to keeping warm, high quality winter gloves need to be kept dry, they should also have moisture wicking properties. We have waterproof and windproof winter gloves to protect hands from cold, rain, snow, and wind. We also have related string knit winter gloves, which are suitable for indoor use and can also be used as linings

Why use hand gloves for winter season?

Winter thermal gloves can be used for different purposes. Generally, working in a cold environment can be a battle. For example, winter work includes emergency mechanical repairs or snow removal. When performing mechanical maintenance, winter work gloves must be flexible to easily grasp small hardware. For snow removal or other low-tech work, gloves that warm hands only need to be strong and waterproof to keep hands dry and warm. Winter warm gloves are also suitable for extreme sports, such as skiing and snowboarding.


FAQ of winter thermal gloves

l  Are mittens warmer than gloves?

Winter mittens tend to be warmer than gloves because when the fingers are better gathered, they can emit more heat. But when you need to work, gloves are a better choice.

l  Should winter thermal gloves be tight or loose?

Loose winter gloves can make more air around your fingers, which makes your body warmer. Naturally, tight gloves are uncomfortable, and loose gloves are awkward. Therefore, the tightness needs to be moderate.


We have materials and proven technology, and also provide related supply solutions to solve your problems related to design, manufacturing, profit or performance. We provide custom winter gloves and related services to provide you with the greatest convenience.

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