Work safety gloves are specially designed for industrial and manual labor and play a vital role in safe operation. No matter what kind of keep safe work gloves you want: durable, wear-resistant, soft, or non-slip, you can find the products here. You know, we provide customized work gloves.

What type of protective work gloves do we produce?

The safety gloves we designed can protect workers from all kinds of injuries, including cuts, stab wounds, scalds, chemical attack and cold weather.

According to performance, we have grip work gloves, insulated thermal gloves, waterproof work gloves, cut resistant work gloves, heat resistant work gloves, oil & impact resistant work gloves, touch screen work gloves, string knit work gloves, finger tips cots, and heated gloves.

According to material, we have PU coated work gloves, latex coated work gloves, nitrile coated work gloves, cotton work glovesleather work gloves, disposable gloves and stainless steel mesh gloves.

We focus on providing the most comprehensive range of safety industrial gloves, covering a variety of industries such as agriculture, construction, cold chain, mechanicchemical, etc.

FAQ of working safety hand gloves

  • Why is wearing strong work gloves important?

In situations where hand protection is required, safety gloves are useful. Work gloves are personal protective equipment that can protect fingers and palms from bruises, blisters, debris, high temperature or chemical burns. Different professionals face different dangers and conditions, so they have different types of work gloves.

  • How do workwear safety gloves provide protection?

According to different scenarios, the material and design of working gloves will be different. For example, heat-resistant gloves will choose materials that are more resistant to high temperatures. The material and production process of cut-resistant gloves will also be more different.


Employers are responsible for ensuring the safety of workers and providing appropriate personal protective equipment. Cost savings should not be at the expense of safety. Our workshield gloves are of good quality and competitive prices.

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