Why do workers need crush resistant gloves? Workers working in heavy industry such as petroleum, chemical, steel, and auto repair are easily exposed to chemical substances, their work environments contain risks. Therefore, oil & impact-resistant work gloves are very suitable for heavy industries.

The necessity of oil & impact resistance hand gloves

Workers in the heavy industry are easily crushed, pinched, cut and stab wound during the work process, so the high impact gloves needs special requirements. Such as hand back anti-collision and arc flash protection. In addition to the extra protection on the back, this type of impact proof gloves needs to still retain good grip in an oil. Our oilfield & impact-safety gloves have added padding on the knuckles and the back of the palm, and there is a non-slip layer on the palm, which can enhance the protection of the hand to ensure safety at work.

Some oil & impact resistant work gloves are thick and hard, causing difficulty in operation. But our glove has high dexterity, its surface is compounded by different types of rubber layers, which increases the firmness and abrasion resistance. The inside of high impact work gloves is knitted fabric, which increases its comfort.

FAQ of impact protection gloves

|  What are impact gloves used for?

High-impact gloves are designed for workers who are prone to hand shocks in high-risk industries. Employees can wear appropriate anti-collision gloves to reduce potential injuries in the work environment to a certain extent.

|  Do Impact gloves work?

The material of the gloves is not rigid. On the contrary, this type of glove has a certain degree of elasticity, which can disperse the impact while still allowing the fingers to maintain flexibility.

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