String knit work gloves have the advantages of comfort, breathability, strong water absorption and high abrasion resistance. We provide various types of string knit gloves (including lightweight and heavyweight cotton), from basic to further processed ones. For example, if you need knitted hand gloves with added features: heat resistance, slip resistance, or cut resistance, we can all provide.

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String knit working gloves have a wide range of applications

String knit work gloves are perfect for cleaning, checking, or just keeping hands warm. These gloves are a popular choice for glove liners. Whether moving building materials in summer or cleaning garages in winter, string knit work gloves can protect hands well. Warm knit gloves are usually used for transportation, storage, handling, gardening, etc.


FAQ of string knit work gloves

l  Are string knit work gloves warm?

According to different materials, the warmth retention of the gloves will be a little different. For example, the warmth retention of pure cotton and mixed material gloves will be slightly different. And craftsmanship and the amount of materials will also affect the warmth retention.


l  What other uses are there for knitted work gloves?

Knitted work gloves are very suitable for use in cold storage areas, automobile factories, maintenance, parts handling, and express delivery.

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