Work safely with cut-resistant work gloves

As long as there are job positions which are easily cut, industrial cut-resistant gloves are indispensable. Because accidents can still happen, but by wearing appropriate levels of cut-resistant work gloves, injuries can be minimized. For instance, only need to sew a few stitches or apply medicine to the scratched area.

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The cut resistance levels of gloves are ANSI A1 to A9, and the manufacturing process and materials of them will also be different. You only need a certain grade of glove wholesale but can't find it? We can customize different grades of cut protection gloves according to your needs. Communicate with us some elements such as: the application industry and the possibility of accidents; as well as comfort, flexibility, cut resistance, abrasion resistance, color, cuff and palm coating type. But please note that we offer cut-resistant gloves, not cut proof gloves.


The performance test of anti-cut safety gloves shows that the metal mesh provides the highest level of anti-cut performance, followed by composite yarns and high-strength fibers. Our gloves have proven their value in some industries: automotive, construction, woodworking, oil and gas industries, etc.

How to choose anti-cut safety gloves?

The cut resistance of gloves depends on the material and thickness. Increasing the weight of the material can increase the performance of anti-cutting protection; regarding the choice of material, high-performance fibers can be used. Or composite yarns made of different combinations of stainless steel, glass fiber and other high-performance materials.


We are a professional manufacturer of safety gloves for cutting. The gloves are popular because of their high quality and moderate price. We provide customized services to meet your specific technical and performance requirements. If you are looking for right cut-resistant hand gloves, we’re glad to provide solutions and a quotation according to your requirements.

FAQ of cut-resistant gloves

|  What are the levels of anti-cutting gloves?

-Most of A1-A3 are gloves with light cut protection function.

-A4-A5 are mainly gloves for solving medium-level cutting hazards. Among them, the endurance of level 5 gloves is close to the protection level of heavy cutting hazards.

-A6-A7 mainly refers to heavy and high-level cutting hazards

-A8-A9 are used in hazardous environments, which are the most extreme environments involving cuts.

|  Do cut resistant gloves work?

Are cut-resistant work gloves effective? Cut-resistant gloves are designed to resist sharp tools or materials. It is certainly useful, but it depends on the severity of the hazard.

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