More and more digital devices appear on the job site, so the demand for being able to operate the touch screen with safety work gloves is also increasing. We provide touch screen gloves whose sensitive fingertips allow you to operate the touch screen device accurately, and the entire hand can be excellently protected.


If there are dangers around, it may be dangerous to use touch screen devices without gloves on the job site. Our touch screen safety gloves are comfortable to wear, flexible, and compatible with touch screens, helping to protect you in harsh environments.

The practicality of gloves can use touch screens

The touch function can be combined with various gloves, such as knitted cotton work gloves, coated gloves (nitrile or PU) and leather gloves. Not only can those capacitive touch screen gloves operate the screen, but they can also prevent cuts, bumps, burns, frostbite and more! Work gloves with touchscreen compatibility meet the safety standards of the industry. These work gloves with touch screen can be used in many industries, including construction, clean rooms, automobiles, utilities, material handling, transportation, assembly lines, oil landscaping, photography, law enforcement, fire protection, metal processing, food processing, aerospace, etc.

FAQ of touch screen gloves

|  Do touch screen gloves work?

Conductive coatings or threads are generally used on touch screen gloves, so it is possible to achieve the compatibility of smart devices.

|  What material can be used in gloves work with touch screen?

Both copper and aluminum can be used for capacitive touch screens. Although aluminum is not as conductive as copper, it can still conduct electricity.

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