The main hazards faced by the construction site are impacts, extreme temperatures, stab wounds, cuts, humid environments, etc. Workers engaged in construction work need to wear types of construction gloves to protect their hands from these injuries. Many construction employees are involved in handling rocks, blocks and other concrete materials which can cause skin problems, so hand gloves for construction workers are required. 

Different construction work occasions require different construction site gloves: leather, rubber, nitrile coating, string knit, cotton and so on, we have construction work gloves of various materials. Some of our work gloves have palm and finger pads, which can provide good protection. Please choose safety hand gloves for construction according to your needs.

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How to choose construction work gloves?

We think we have the most suitable site work gloves for construction. Workers on the construction site may encounter the risk of injury from blunt tools. In this case, leather work gloves are more suitable because they are thick enough to protect hands. In the cold winter, construction workers should use warm insulated construction gloves, which can provide protection without losing flexibility. The most common items on the construction site are steel bars and jagged sharp objects. Sharp tools are also used when cleaning the site. Therefore, puncture-resistant PU coated gloves are an option. As for the humid environment, if there are no other requirements, breathable knitted work gloves can meet the need.

FAQ of construction work gloves


l  Why are construction hand gloves used in construction?

Working on a construction site is dangerous. Builders gloves can reduce hand abrasions in normal times, and can also reduce injuries in unexpected moments.


l  How long do site safety gloves last?

The time is uncertain. When the gloves are worn every day, they need to be changed every day. If the gloves are not used frequently, they can be used for one month. If the workload is heavy, thicker heavy duty gloves for construction are better.

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