Cotton work gloves are an economical choice to prevent hand stains and dirt. We provide various types of cotton gloves, including lightweight cotton gloves, cotton string knit gloves, cotton work gloves with PVC dots, touch-screen cotton gloves, cotton beauty moisturizing gloves, etc.

If a certain degree of abrasion resistance is required, you can choose cotton string knit work gloves, because they are relatively thick; if a certain degree of grip is required, cotton working gloves with non-slip dots are a good choice, and PVC dots cotton work gloves can ensure the grip, improve the processing ability and efficiency of the workers.

Without proper protection, handling delicate items can be overwhelming. Our lightweight cotton work gloves allow workers to remain agile without leaving marks or fingerprints on the product during the whole operation.

What are cotton gloves used for?

In light duty jobs, cotton work gloves are widely used, such as the electronics industry: devices that are sensitive to static electricity require slightly conductive gloves, and the cotton fiber gloves retain a certain degree of moisture, making them weakly conductive. In addition, cotton work gloves can protect components from skin oils.

Another example is the inspection industry. Cotton work gloves are usually the first choice for inspection in the automotive, manufacturing and assembly industries, because this type of work requires lightness. Cotton gloves will not scratch or damage parts, and have a certain degree of wear resistance.

In addition, in the service industry, white cotton work gloves are more popular, such as car drivers and beauty salon employees.


FAQ of cotton work gloves

l  Can cotton gloves be reused?

Most cotton gloves can be reused many times. However, the residue in the gloves may emit odor after continuous use, so the gloves need to be cleaned regularly


l  Why are cotton gloves so useful?

Because compared with other types of gloves, ordinary cotton gloves are low-cost and not easy to be allergic, and they can also protect hands.


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