Due to long driving, such as truck driving, delivery driving or taxi driving, calluses or blisters are prone to appear on the hands. We have various types of hand gloves for car driving, such as leather gloves, coated gloves and pure cotton white gloves.

We recommend driving anti abrasion gloves with good grip for you. These gloves can allow the driver to better control the steering wheel. Except for winter leather gloves, other breathable driving gloves are light and comfortable to ensure hand flexibility.

The use of driving gloves

Don't know how to choose driver gloves? These are two examples of truck delivery driver and taxi/bus driver gloves. There are many kinds of drivers so different driving gloves are required. The truck steering wheel is heavier, which can cause more hand abrasions, and the driver needs to carry goods from time to time, the coated work gloves are more cost-effective and suitable for them. Cost performance is a good selling point. Bus or taxi drivers may choose ordinary cotton knit driving gloves for aesthetic reasons. Although the gloves do not have a strong grip, they can also improve hand comfort. As for winter, warm gloves for driving are certainly a better choice, for instance, leather gloves.

Other drivers who need hand protection may also include rally drivers, racers and police drivers.


FAQ of driving gloves

l  Do driving gloves make a difference?

Car driving gloves can reduce the abrasions caused by the vibration of the steering wheel. In addition, car gloves can also block hand sweat and external cold.


l  Are driving gloves worth it?

Yes, they are. Because the glove has a stronger grip, it can strengthen the driver's control of the steering wheel. Especially for professional drivers, wearing anti vibration work gloves allows them to better control the car and improve work efficiency.

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