Leather work gloves are still indispensable in modern industry. Leather material provides a certain degree of wear resistance for gloves, but unfortunately it is not good at preventing cuts. Therefore, some of the leather work safety gloves we provide have cut-resistant linings, some have better grip, and some have stronger cushioning power. Our leather gloves for workers not only retain the toughness of the outer layer, but the inner layer also has a certain degree of softness, and strike a balance between abrasion resistance and flexibility.

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Applications of leather protective work gloves

Leather protective gloves are still the favorite choice for industrial and construction applications and other heavy-duty jobs.

General leather work gloves can be used for various light and medium tasks in construction, forestry, woodworking, general maintenance and beautification of the environment. During heavy-duty work, when workers are exposed to high temperatures, abrasions or need to do heavy equipment operations, quality long leather work gloves are an important tool for protecting hands and arms. Whether for a driver driving heavy machinery or a welder who needs a durable spark & heat barrier, thick & soft leather work gloves can be a good solution.


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FAQ of leather work gloves

l  Are leather gloves worth it?

From the perspective of cost performance, leather work gloves can maintain the softness, elasticity and insulation of the gloves without much processing. And premium leather work gloves are more durable.


l  Do leather work gloves protect from cold?

If it is just a pair of thin leather gloves, it may not be able to withstand the cold well, because the leather still has a certain degree of breathability. A pair of qualified warm leather work gloves should be treated or combined.


l  Are thinsulate leather work gloves waterproof?

There will be a layer of waterproof film on the surface of waterproof leather gloves. Pure leather gloves are not waterproof.

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