We have types of latex coated work gloves designed to provide workers with comfortable grip and maximum safety. Work latex gloves also have many other names because of its grip: grip gloves, anti-skid work gloves, firm grip gloves, non-slip work gloves, latex builders gloves, etc.

These hand gloves coated with natural latex rubber, and the wrinkled rubber coating on the palm has strong grip, flexibility, good abrasion resistance and durability. There is no coating on the back of the latex dipped gloves to ensure comfort and flexibility. and it is breathable, so hands will not sweat when using the tool.

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Latex coated work gloves for work safety

Compared with other glove materials, latex palm coated gloves have higher elasticity and stronger grip; they can also withstand high temperatures and have excellent tear resistance. In terms of chemistry, they can resist alcohol and certain ketones. Therefore, hardy latex coated work gloves can be used in many industries. (However, the gloves may not be suitable for people who are allergic to protein, please choose according to your needs.)

Latex coated gloves are suitable for handling small parts, used in the automotive industry, metal stamping, construction engineering and general purposes. The color can be customized. Green latex rubber palm gloves can be used in the gardening industry; bright orange rubber palm gloves may be more suitable for construction and road engineering. The stain-resistant black latex work gloves are suitable for the metal industry and rope engineering.


FAQ of latex coated work gloves

l  Can latex coated work gloves be washed?

Yes, but there are some precautions: the water temperature should not exceed 85°F/30°C; use a mild detergent that will not damage the fiber or coating of the glove. Please wipe off the water before drying.


l  Where else can latex coated string knit glove be used?

Latex coated gloves are very suitable for roofing, tile and glass treatment, taking into account protection and flexibility.

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