We provide lightweight polyurethane palm coated gloves with high flexibility and sensitivity. It has a soft knitted wristband and is comfortable to wear. The combination of microcellular polyurethane foam and a seamless wide mesh lining creates a very soft, stretchable, lightweight and cozy mechanical barrier. Wearing this PU palm coated gloves allows workers to perform delicate tasks freely without feeling tired. Just like the second skin.

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Specific advantages of PU work gloves

-Amazing grip:

The polyurethane coating can maintain excellent grip, and there are almost no particles falling off, which can reduce the risk of contamination


The polyurethane coating of PU coated hand gloves has an amazing tensile force, ensuring touch sensitivity. In this case, employees are also more willing to wear them, thereby reducing work-related injuries caused by not wearing gloves

-Relatively cheap:

The price of PU coated hand gloves is 1/3 of that of cheap general-purpose work gloves. Crazy? This means that although these gloves are quickly consumed, they are still worth buying.


PU coated gloves uses

These PU coated work gloves are wear-resistant and oil-resistant, have good abrasion resistance, foldability and anti-aging properties. They are very suitable for precision work, or just ideal for protecting and keeping hands clean. The gloves are suitable for light duty jobs: painters, electronic equipment assemblers, express sorters, etc.


FAQ of PU work gloves

l  Are polyurethane work gloves toxic? Toxic PU gloves generally contain DMF harmful chemicals, because they are made in DMF solvent. But our PU coated work gloves do not contain DMF, please rest assured to buy.

l  Are polyurethane work gloves cut resistant?

Since the PU coating is still relatively soft and thin, it does not have too high cut resistance, but it can resist skin abrasion.

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