Waterproof work gloves are the ideal choice to protect you from the weather, keeping hands warm and dry. Our range of waterproof gloves includes: coated gloves and thick winter gloves. Use our various wet weather work gloves to protect hands from moisture, dirt, debris and other harmful objects. Durable waterproof work gloves are made of tough and durable materials, which can be water-resistant and keep hands dry. If you plan to use it in winter, choose cold-resistant winter gloves.

The insulated interior and shell help drive away snow and rain and keep hands insulated. Our waterproof work gloves can be customized, and the following functions can be achieved: joint thickening protection, color selection, flame retardant, cutting resistance and vibration resistance.

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Waterproof work gloves appear in all walks of life

From indoor pot washing to outdoor window cleaning, water-resistant work gloves are needed in various industries: waterway work, bricklaying, cement processing, gardening, sailing, mountaineering, etc. Different industries need different waterproof gloves. For example, construction workers need high dexterity waterproof gloves, and surveyors in cold areas need warm waterproof work gloves to keep out the cold. Some of our gloves are suitable for hard and dirty work, and some are suitable for cold and painful days. With a wide range of waterproof work gloves, we can meet the needs of various industries.      


FAQ of Waterproof work Gloves

l  Are any gloves waterproof?

No, fabric gloves without special treatment are not waterproof. Most waterproof breathable work gloves have a layer of material on the surface to prevent water from entering.

l  What are waterproof gloves made of?

Many waterproof gloves are made of neoprene. Of course, this is a kind of one-piece glove, which is not durable. Many waterproof grip gloves are lined, and then a coating is applied to the outer layer.

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