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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Dipped Glove Cuff Lengthening

Dec. 20, 2019

We see that the wrist cuffs of many dipped gloves are lengthened. The cuff lengthening is not only to lengthen the length of the glove but also to shorten the length of the back palm, which is the distance from the tiger's mouth to the cuff. So why do they lengthen the cuff of the glove? Safety Gloves Manufacturer shares with you.

 I think the main purpose is twofold:

The first is to play a role of shrinking the palm so that the glove fits the palm better because the physiological structure of the palm of the person is wide up and narrow. The upper and lower widths of the glove core of the dipped gloves are the same (this is determined by the knitting principle of the knitting gloves machine and cannot be changed), so when the glove core is placed on the hand mold and dipped, the back palm of the glove is relatively opposed to the human hand The back palm will be too loose. Can not fit the back palm well, but when we lengthen the cuff length and shorten the back palm length, we can solve this problem very well. Because there are elastic bands inside the cuffs, when the back palm of the glove is too loose, the elastic band will play the role of contracting the back palm.

Second, extending the cuff length and shortening the back palm length can better prevent the gloves from slipping off the hand. It is because of the elasticity of the elastic line in the cuff that the gloves can be better attached to both hands. Especially when the cuff length is increased, the adhesion is improved. More importantly, because the back palm is relatively wider than the wrist when it is covered with elastic cuffs, it can greatly improve the adhesion of the gloves.

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The practice of lengthening the cuffs and shortening the back palm will indeed improve the grip of the gloves and reduce the shedding of the gloves, but everything is beneficial and harmful. This approach can sometimes cause several problems for gloves:

Problem one: The tiger's mouth is too tight and its comfort is reduced. After the back palm is shortened, the buffering effect of the tensile force in the tiger's mouth is reduced, resulting in an excessive compression effect.

Problem two: leading to rising costs. Longer cuffs mean more elastic threads. The price of the elastic line is relatively high, so the cost will increase a lot. We should consider whether customers will pay for this increased cost. We should also consider whether the lengthening cost of the cuffs will really bring real value to consumers.

Problem three: The appearance of gloves is out of proportion. After the length of the cuff of the glove is greatly extended, the proportion of the length of the finger and the palm of the glove to the length of the cuff becomes shorter, resulting in an imbalance in the appearance ratio of the glove and a decrease in coordination.

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